Marlo - Transport and Logistics Consultants
Marlo - Transport and Logistics Consultants
Marlo - Transport and Logistics Consultants
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MARLO is a leading company in consulting and technology solutions for the logistic sector.

We have used our experience, competencies and solutions to support several reference companies in achieving benchmark setting performance.

Our reference client and partners include 3PL’s, express companies, freight forwarders, logistic platform operators, among others.


Logistics - Consulting
Logistics - Consulting
  • Studies for the development of logistic systems
  • Business intelligence and balanced scorecard
  • Logistic and intermodal platform development
  • Business process reengineering
  • Supply chain management studies
  • Conceptual planning of distribution systems
  • Tailoring transport systems according to logistical requirements
  • Information logistics
  • Best practice transfer
  • Location and regional planning
  • Policy and administrative supportive actions
Logistics - Technology
  • Logistic planning and optimization
  • Execution management
  • Completion solutions
  • Field Services
  • Management of logistic units
  • System integration
  • CRM

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