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Thursday, 02 February 2012 23:51

CONTAIN - Container security Advanced Information Networking Featured

CONTAIN is aimed at specifying and demonstrating a European Shipping Containers Surveillance system in a global context which will encompass regulatory, policy and standardisation recommendations, new business models and advanced container security management capabilities.

The CONTAIN system will:

  1. Support transport security stakeholders in managing container security threats within logistic chains;
  2. Provide a coherent set of ‘best of breed’, cost effective and efficient technology options for container integrated sensor, communication and security hardware and software technologies;
  3. Enable ports and transport networks to establish cost effective upgraded container security processes;
  4. Provide added value to key investments;
  5. Provide appropriate information gathering, validation, fusion and situational awareness services to establish dependable near real time ‘corridor container traffic maps’;
  6. Enable the establishment of secure trade lanes;
  7. Assist policy makers at national and EU level to promote container security;
  8. Facilitate the further development of European standards.